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What is Budopunkt?

Budopunkt has been in the combat sports scene for 37 years. That’s when Igor started underground training (karate was banned), ultimately becoming the 2x Union’s karate champion, top coach, gym owner and referee. Opening a combat sports shop in 1997 was a logical continuation to his career. Ten years later we opened our first webstore and at this time run shops in Finland, Latvia and Estonia.

We work for, support and cheer young and active people who care about their wellbeing. Respecting your time, we have created (and will always be working on) a clear and simple shopping experience, bringing you a comprehensive product range from combat sports to fitness to yoga and pilates. Solid and friendly customer service is our ambition and we love to get your feedback and develop on that.

People we work with practice an amazing amount of different sports at various levels from starter to pro. Since no one brand has this wide scope, we ship up to 15 different brands from around the world.

Starpak is the world’s largest martial arts equipment manufacturer with more than ninety years of production experience. Starpak products are exported all over Europe and America to global brands such as Tapout and UFC. Ever since 2006, we have been shipping Starpak products in big quantites straight from factory, resulting in excellent price-value relationship. Budopunkt is the exclusive distributor for Starpak in Finalnd and the Baltic states

For the past 4 years Tenacity (Jaco) has become one of top 3 MMA brands in USA. The brand with its cool and minimalistic design fits well to Norther Europe, focusing on technique / functional fit. Tenacity has moved strong into new segments of sport like Bootcamp-crossfit-gym and other sport.

Budopunkt is the exclusive distributor of Tenacity Clothing - previously know as Jaco - in Finland and Baltic States.

Liveup is a fitness industry leading brand with 9 kinds of product categories, covering strenght trainign, aerobic fitness, yoga exercises, body shaping and other types of fitness categories.

Wacoku is an established martial arts equipment manufacturer as well as provider of internationally established Wacoku brand.

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