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With our Expert mat system, we offer you high-quality floor mats in three different strengths for your fitness and weight areas and thus maximum safety during training, effective noise reduction and optimal protection of your floor. The Expert system with straight edges looks even simpler and blends in perfectly with the environment for different applications.

With a density of 1100 kg/m3, our Expert mats are even more durable and are particularly suitable for equipping professional fitness and weight training areas. Our long-lasting system in classic black consists of 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly rubber granulate.

It is therefore pleasantly warm, comfortable and gives a joint-friendly running feeling.

The 100 x 100 cm mats can be individually adapted to your room conditions and with their high abrasion resistance they are the perfect choice for use in fitness studios, playgrounds, kindergartens and much more.

Expert mats can be ordered with a minimum quantity of 50 pieces and delivery time of 2-3 weeks. Thickness up to 5 cm available. Please contact us for more information.

Application area
• gyms
• cardio area
• dumbbell area
• aerobic area
• practice and therapy rooms
• playgrounds
• kindergartens

Product characteristics
• material: 100% rubber granulate
• density: 1100 kg/m3
• sustainability - 100% recycled material
• high abrasion resistance
• anti-slip property
• very good sound insulation
• easy installation and cleaning
• edge finish with elegant bevel

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