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Phoenix Kamikaze Standard Jka Gr. 150

105,00 €
Traditional all-Karate Gi made ??of 100% cotton, sleeves to the wrist, legs to the ankle Heavy cotton fabric of choice for heavy loads.   For years, the standard for a good price-performance ratio.   Size selection at KAMIKAZE-suits:   Height + 5 cm slim people + 10 cm in normal to strong people, possibly more in overweight people   (The suits run the length of about 4-8% you in the vastness barely)   In the picture: Andree Kielholtz Allstyle Kan Karate, multiple World Champion and Grand Champion in the disciplines of point fighting, weapons kata and forms   Take advantage of our Embroidery! Fast and good!

SKU KK2-150-conf
Kaal 1.25
Bränd Phoenix

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