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RDX Neopreen Hüppeliigese Tugisokid

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RDX’s Neoprene Anklet Socks Brace Support with anatomical arch design will enhance your foot-work to another level.
The socks incorporate compressed spandex monofilament coalesced elastic yarn lycra for improved fitting, grip on the matt and better foot-to-ankle form.

The unique Grip Flex™ sole pattern ensures 0% slippage and allows maximum traction for you to move without worrying about stepping the wrong way, in-turn avoiding common training accidents like twisting of ankle or damaging the weaker tendons and bones of the feet.

  • Neoprene compression material hugs the foot to assist with muscle recovery and foot conformity
  • Elastic fitting around feet ensures a comfortable and snug fit for efficient support
  • The socks are uniquely designed with sole for efficient grip during footwork training
  • The anklet supports foot integrity whilst encouraging blood circulation
  • Supports tendons and weakened tissue for better movement
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