Namman Muay Active kreem 100g

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What Is Namman Muay®

Invented almost a hundred years ago, Namman Muay is one of Thailand’s best guarded secrets.
Translated from Thai; "Namman" means ointment and "Muay" means boxing, so "Namman Muay" means boxing ointment. It started as an ointment to help boxers fight longer, but now thousands of everyday Italians use it to live a discomfort-free life.

This special formula dates back to 1937 and was made by a herbalist, Thongtos Intratat. His goal in life was to help people using herbs and he believed that there’s a plant for every problem.

That’s why he experimented and searched for a formula that would let people live a discomfort-free life, regenerate faster after physical activity and loosen up squeaky joints.
The first to try his formula back in 1930 were his notorious Thai Boxers. But today thousands of regular folks like you use it daily.

We all spend years doing repetitive movements at work, we sit for hours on end in a bad posture, and cause stress on our bodies with intense workouts ...all of that causes lasting damage on bodies.

Our life is a constant struggle until one day we wake up and feel like we just finished a boxing match.

We’re all boxers in one way or another. The older we get the more damage our bodies accumulate.

And that’s why Intratat developed his unique recipe with 3 key ingredients that can be found in plants.

With this formula, you can DRAMATICALLY reduce any kind of discomfort, loosen stiff joints and soothe tensed muscles.

  • Relaxes muscle stiffness
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Provides relief even under the most extreme circumstances

Active ingrediends in cream:

  • Menthol
  • Juniper
  • MSM
  • Camphor
  • Eugenol
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