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Why the Suples Dummy *Speed?

Here are few of the reasons why Ivan Ivanov decided to create the Suples Dummy *Speed .

  • The Suples Dummy *Speed is designed to be almost half the weight of the regular throwing dummy. That makes the speed dummy a lot more functional while practicing throws, techniques and combat fitness movements.
  • The difference of the stuffing materials makes the speed dummy much more flexible and a lot easier to practice than the traditional throwing dummy that we use for building explosive power and technique.
  • The arm dimensions are designed with extra length to allow a more convenient hold and grip.
  • The Suples Dummy *Speed is designed to bounce off the mat while throwing. That helps the athlete to quickly reset for the next throw without lifting it every time.


The Suples Dummy *Speed comes in 2 models: (with stump) or (with legs) both, in the same high quality vinyl as our other signature line of dummies

  • Weight Effect: The Suples Dummy *Speed is purposely designed to be a half-weight lighter than the standard Suples Dummies.


The purpose of Suples Dummy *Speed is to help athletes to perform a high volume of
different techniques in fast or slow mode depending upon how well those techniques have been mastered.

  • Sharpen Skills while Warming Up: The Suples Dummy *Speed is very often used as a warm-up tool before practice sessions. Sharpening skills while warming up is one of the most effective coaching methods Coach Ivan has been using from the day he invented the Suples Dummy *Speed.
  • Bouncing Effect: The unique design and well-balanced weight distribution along with appropriate stuffing, allows the Suples Dummy *Speed (Stump) model to “bounce back up” during timed, fast-paced throwing sets.
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