Phoenix Sparring Master Rapid Response Smart Trainer

299,00 €

PHOENIX SPARRING MASTER - Rapid Response Trainer

Boxstand with foam-impact cap in head shape, rotating arm and fillable weight base.

Infinitely height adjustable from 140 to 190 cm.

The PX Sparring Master is ideal for reaction and precision training.

Evasion and abduction techniques can be trained optimally here.

The strokes on the rotating arm require accurate and precise strikes.

With the impact, the arm moves quickly around and a good response is required for block or evasion.

A must in every training room.

We recommend filling the weight with gravel or sand. In this way, the optimum weight is achieved for a firm position.

With filling approx. 30 - 45 kg.

Kaal 9.00
Bränd Phoenix

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