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Venum Electron 2.0 lühikesed püksid

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Our “Electron 2.0” fightshorts was the first MMA shorts to use a bi-material construction and that made the difference! Used by so many professional fighters at the UFC, this historic Venum fightshorts passed the greatest trials with flying colors by becoming a reference in the Octagon™! This fighting revolution started with the combination of a hard-wearing microfiber with mesh panels that facilitate the sweat escape and offer you more breathability. We designed on these innovative mesh fabric specific slits for an upper mobility. In the same way our “Electron 2.0” fightshorts benefits from a curved design extending your range of moves. Technical features: - Hard-wearing microfiber for a stronger durability. - Wide mesh panels for a better management of your body heat. - Reinforced seams. - Middle focus closure by Velcro & internal drawcords better fitted without shifting hazard during the fight. - Anatomical cut with specific curved thigh cut providing a 180° open leg flexibility.

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Tooteklass Pants and shorts

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