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Venum Kontact Puuvillast jalakaitsmed

25,00 €

Shin Guards in this collection are the perfect compromise between convenience and protection.

100% cotton, they dr ultra fast, while providing maximum protection to the shin and metatarsal of the foot.

Throughout the exercises with Kontact Shin Guards, ankle remains 100% flexible, allowing you to maintain flexibility and mobility.

The closure system of this product is very convenient. A top velcro scratch and stretch fabric located in the calf and under the foot provide secure support and precise fit.

Venum Kontact Shin guards meet the most demanding expectations of combat sports and martial arts practitioners.

100% cotton: comfortable use.
Velcro: precise fit.
Maintenance provided by a stretch fabric.
Threading quick and easy.
Machine wash at 30 ° recommended.
Unique size.
Venum logo.

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