Yulin Spring Comes From Melting Snow Raw Puer Tea

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The fresh leaves of Yulin Spring Comes From Melting Snow Raw Puer Tea are picked from the 300 years old tea trees that grow in the tropical forests of Yunnan province, Souther China.
This tea is hand made in the traditional way by the locals who have been living there generation by generation. The old tea trees grow in the deep forest, the roads leading to the trees are far and dangerous which enhances the difficulty of picking the tea leaves.
Most of the Yulin Spring Comes From Melting Snow Raw Puer Tea leaves are picked once in spring, and just occasionally picked in autumn, thus the amount of the tea is very small.
This type of tea is produced as the Pu-er raw tea and loose tea, which tastes savoury and mellow, a bit bitter, while promotes floid and long lasting sweet. It is a very good tea that worth tasting and drinking with friends and family.
  • 120gr (2x60gr bags)
  • handpicked
  • collected on 2016
  • collected from 300 years old Yunnan tea trees
  • certified EU organic label

Tea expert Nils Neemre's comment:

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How To Brew Kung Fu Tea

  1. Preparation stance. On your mark … ready … Go! Use tea shuffle to add tea to the teapot.
  2. Oops, forget all about the tea funnel. Should use it if the opening of the teapot is small.
  3. Tea rinse round starts -add hot water and fill teapot until it overflows a little. You will find foam floating on top. Brush it away with the lid.
  4. Let water stay for a few seconds before pouring it out. Use the water to wash the teacups too.
  5. Pouring … Other than washing the tea leaves, the rinse round allows the teapot to heat up before the brewing starts. Remember, high temperature is the key to Kung Fu tea.
  6. Use the tongs to wash teacups. Have I mentioned the water coming from this round is not for drinking? If you have already did, never mind. It’s not poisonous.
  7. Make it a habit to pour used water over the teapot, and run hot water over the teapot after washing to keep the temperature of the teapot as high as possible. Some people put the teapot in a hot water bath.
  8. Round 1 of tea brewing starts – hot water into the teapot. Don’t mind me repeating myself like an old man – high temperature is king. The water has to be as hot as possible. Fill till it spills a little. For the sake of having all the gadgets stay in the PIC, one thing is done wrong here. The water is supposed to be poured from high, non-stop, in a circular motion around the rim to spread heat evenly to prevent Se.
  9. Cover the teapot. Some tea will be squeezed out of the very full teapot but that is fine. The tea tray is there to catch the spill for you.
  10. After a minute or so, first few cups of tea are ready. Now pour tea into the teacups. Easy?
  11. NO! That is one of the steps that requires a lot of Kung Fu *** (see below for detail).
  12. Be my guest. Tea buddies, don’t thank me for all the work I’ve put into making these few ounces of tea. I like doing it.
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